A Seat at the Table: a Community Conversation on School Reopening

A Seat at the Table: a Community Conversation on School Reopening
Monday, August 17 at 6:00pm
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We will hear from working families on how the closing of schools in March impacted them, how the lack of summer camps and childcare disrupted their summer schedules, and how the little to no communication and collaboration for the fall has put every one of us at risk. We will also hear from several education and health and safety experts who will share Know your Rights advice for family and students. School reopening is all working families and students can think about. Join us to share our stories, ask questions– we won’t have all the answers but we can find ways forward together–, learn about our rights, and create a space for all of us at the table.

Parents and educators believe we aren’t ready to send students to school


BOSTON (WWLP) – A panel of educators and parents met Thursday to discuss their options for returning to school in the fall.

School districts are still trying to figure out their plans for the fall but a common theme heard from panelists Thursday was that they are apprehensive about in-person learning.

School districts have three options, they can have students come to school for full in-person learning, they can go with an online teaching model or they can use a hybrid of both.

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Massachusetts COVID-19 Response Alliance calls for more guidance from state on school reopening


Members of the Massachusetts COVID-19 Response Alliance grappling with school reopening models are calling for better leadership, guidance and planning from the state as teachers are being treated as “expendable commodities.”

“Not only are we still in the dark about what will happen, the things that have come out have really made me feel like my child will not be safe in Massachusetts’ hands,” said Jordan Berg-Powers, executive director at Mass Alliance.

Berg-Powers said in a Thursday virtual panel with teachers and parents that lack of leadership on reopening has led to a “fend for yourself” phenomenon at some schools.

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Watch live: COVID-19 response group calls on state to open schools safely


A local COVID-19 response group is hosting a panel discussion demanding the safe reopening of schools in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts COVID-19 Response Alliance, an umbrella group that includes several activist organizations fighting for the state to adopt “people-centered” policy in the time of coronavirus, will broadcast the discussion on Facebook at 10 a.m. The group cites proposals written by local teachers’ unions as an equitable course of action, and the panel will include several parents that are members of the alliance.

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