Op-ed: What’s needed in response to COVID-19 crisis

“The Massachusetts COVID-19 Response Alliance (MCRA) was formed early in the wake of the crisis. We are a coalition of labor, community, and faith organizations that have consistently called for a better response to this crisis. We have advocated for a comprehensive response – from ensuring housing stability to providing emergency paid sick time to supporting workers, both on the front lines and those who have lost their jobs.

MCRA is currently focusing on three areas to ensure that we make it through this crisis in an equitable way. First, Massachusetts needs to pass the Guaranteed Housing Stability Act. Second, we must ensure child care workers are safe and adequately compensated, thereby expanding access to families who need it most. Third, we need a comprehensive plan for our schools to help our students access in-person learning as soon as possible – including free and comprehensive testing and a robust vaccination program.”

Read the full op-ed on the Commonwealth Magazine website.